Terms and Conditions


  • No Spamming - Accounts for the sole purpose of flooding threads with links to sites will be banned on sight. The same is true with spambots, automated scripts and users flooding group and/or user pages with comments linking to work-at-home schemes. I highly doubt that those so-called Canadian Pharmacy sites are based in Canada anyway.
  • Content - Antics and bunker jokes are fine - that's the point of this parody site, anyway. Acting and posting like a complete dick (i.e. hate speech, Holocaust denial, fringe-whoring, etc.) isn't. And so does posting shock, false-sympathy photos of disfigured children. Likes don't cure cancer.
  • No Advertising - This is not a place to show off your chat groups, websites etc.
  • Pornography - Not all people here are pleased to see genitalia flying across the screen.
  • Warez - There's always Google, duh. Why ask anyone here for a Grand Theft Auto ISO when you have a job and have enough funds to buy one?
  • Termination of service - We have the right to terminate the site at any time for any circumstance. That being said, we will notify users about it so they can back up whatever content they have prior to shutdown.