Fegelbook is, well, a social networking service owned by Hermann Fegelein, and as a satirical Downfall parody of the popular Facebook service.

In here you can share your antics to other people - techniques, pranks, etc., as well as the usual socialising bullshit.


  • Syed Arsalan Hussain Shah and the Open Source Social Network team (https://github.com/opensource-socialnetwork/)
  • Facebook theme by Molnár Vilmos (https://www.facebook.com/molnarvilmos.hu/)
  • Ben Davies, Brian Underwood, Johnomonster, Mfaizsyahmi and Shannon Kloppenburg for being nice buds and for providing beta-testing as well as feedback.
  • And of course Stacy "Hitler Rants Parodies" Blackmon for being a key community member.


THIS IS A PARODY WEBSITE, and is in no way affiliated or associated with Facebook. The original site's basic layout and other elements are used for humorous purposes only and is not intended to be set up for phishing. Furthermore, the owners, administrators and users of this site do not in any way endorse, condone or encourage any racist/fascist behaviour, or activities associated with Nazism, the NSDAP as well as Neo-Nazi organisations.